Pallaso with new daughter Anna Mayanja

There is a saying among the Baganda tribe that you can’t count children for a functional man because just when you think you know all of them, new children keep popping up and shocking you.

This has come true after singer Jose Chameleone introduced a secret daughter from one of his past relationships to family members.
Before dating Daniella Atim, Chameleon had a Belgian white lady, Dorotia who blessed him with a girl, Ayla Onsea Mayanja. Many people have always thought she was the eldest daughter of the singer and there was no other child before her.

They were wrong however as Chameleone had an even older daughter whom he recently brought home for his family to see.
Netizens thought Chameleon had 6 children; 5 from Daniella Atim; (Abba Marcus, Amma Christian, Alba Shyne, Alfa Joseph, Xara Amani) and 1 from Dorotia; (Ayla Onsea Mayanja).

Recently, he introduced another grown up girl, Anna Mayanja to his family members. It is undeniable that there is no DNA needed because this new girl, Anna Mayanja resembles ‘Jose Chameleone tremendously
The smile as well as her dental cavity is also for the legendary star.

In photos accessed by our platform, Anna Mayanja can be seen smiling from ear to ear, in excitement with her grand parents and Pallaso at church. From vivid evidence we have now, it is safe to say Chameleon has 7 children.

Leticia Nambaziira

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