Irene Manjeri, a senior pastor of Bethel Healing Ministries, Shocked nations previously when she claimed to gotten a special previllage and visited heaven and encountered God.

This ignited tension on social media because no one actually believed that she encountered God alive and returned to earth. Currently, she has claimed that she was recently offered a gift of a new electric car, the Tesla, which has a sticker price of $135,990, which is roughly Shs510m before taxes, but turned it down.

In an interview with media personality Ibrah K. Mukasa, Manjeri said that there was a time she became stressed out and traveled to the US, where her children reside. Manjeri asserted that when she arrived in the US, one of her kids wanted to give her a brand-new Tesla that she could bring back to Uganda.

The pastor however shocked her congregation when she said that she turned it down due to the poor condition of the roads in Uganda.

This would have made me the first person to have such a car in Uganda or even Africa but I refused it because roads in Uganda are so bad,” Manjeri narrated.

Tesla vehicles are known to use fuel and switch to electricity once the fuel is finished and these vehicles also feature automated parking technology. Who would turn down such a gift?

A section of Netizens went ahead to mention that if this were true, she would have Atleast carried the car back with her just to keep at home and look at it and they also argued that not every road is bad and that there were various roads where she could take her Tesla for a ride.

Leticia Nambaziira

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