It is no longer news that singer George Williams Kigozi popularly known as Geosteady is back to chewing with his baby mama Prima Kardashi nearly 3 years after their bitter split up. The pair have started a romance like no other ever since they rekindled their relationship.

They are sweeter with each other, more public affection is witnessed with the couple and of course the time they are spending together is merrier than anything else. It should be remembered that soon after their break up Prima immediately hooked up with high-flying Radio presenter, Mr Henrie.

Mr. Henrie must have seen Prima as the love of his love as he always showered her with love and support through all her events to an extent that even when the two broke up, Geosteady took to social media to thank Henrie for all his endless support towards Prima.

They had always painted the streets of Kampala with their love and public affection but just like one wise man said, “all good things come to an end”, the relationship did come to an end with Prima saying she had only been using Mr. Henrie to nurse her wounds but she was not the right person for him unfortunately.

Prima’s seemingly perfect relationship came to an end mid this year and as expected, the highly enterprising socialite found solace in her baby daddy Geosteady. Maybe it could be that Prima is one of the various people who can not just heal from a relationship but need another relationship inorder to heal from the other one.

Since the famous reunion between Geosteady and Prima in September, the two have been flirting on social media. They have engaged in posting beautiful pictures and videos while enjoying life to the fullest. The latest to the gallery is a video shared by Geosteady in which he is seen touching and squeezing Prima’s big Nyash while pushing himself deeper in between her thighs.

Prima seems to be enjoying herself to the fullest as she laughs all through, sounding excited. Good for you Prima. We wish you happiness.

Leticia Nambaziira

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