Musician Leila Kayondo has recently been going through a rough patch in her life. Not only did she get trouble with her ex hubby money bags SK Mbuga but she also got quite a number of financial issues that were suffocating.

A few months ago Leila became more popular after her long silence when she came out to diss Mbuga in the media. He never gave any kind of response to her but it seemed like she did not need any because she came out to mention many dirty words against him.

She went through a hard time with many Netizens afterwards then she later decided to come out and apologises for the entire scandal as she claimed the words she used did not please her own mother who also had asked her to make a public apology so as not to degrade herself.

Later on, Leila was said to have been experiencing money issues as she was declared broke. News spread fast that ever since she had seperates from Mbuga, she had failed to cater for her fi anvial well being and she could nolonger afford the life style she was living.

Around this time, Leila started selling off her belongings including her expensive car as well as her boutique which she had invested so much money into.

The freshest news on the blovk indicates that Leila Kayondo has been arrested over charges related to fraud. A source says she was arrested on Thursday and kept at CPS, Kampala as investigations kicked off. Details remain very unclear but a source says she has been surviving off skills taught to her by her ex-lover, SK Mbuga.

However much these two are always fighting , Leila can’t do without SK Mbuga. Many netizens have urged that it could be true she got taken in because of scamming people out of money since she was indeed out of money. We shall keep you posted on this story as it unfolds.

Leticia Nambaziira

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