It is almost a year since singer Cindy Sanyu welcomed her first child in marriage with the love of her life Prynce Joel Okuyo. The pair has been living a blissful life as a whole family and they have made it a point to keep the media updated about their romance.

All the way from their outings together to their visits to their parents. Whereas many people expected the relationship not to last, many people have swallowed their words as the couple keeps getting stronger.

In early January, the couple welcomed a baby girl. This was the best time for the couple as they flooded social media with pictures of Prynce carrying their bundle of joy.

There are rumors circulating and they reveal that mid-next year, she might yet again drop another baby following speculations that she is carrying another child for Prynce Okuyo.

If the speculations are true, the baby will be the couple’s second child together but the third in total for Cindy Sanyu because she had a child before starting an affair with Prynce Okuyo.

What is amusing to the public and fans, is the speed at which Cindy Sanyu and her hubby are expanding their family. Sanyu is yet to come clear about the rumors about her supposed pregnancy.

Leticia Nambaziira

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