Sheebah Karungi
Rahma and Jeff

Former Team No Sleep (TNS) artiste Sheebah Karungi has revealed that she will never expose her ex-manager Jeff Kiwa’s dirty secrets no matter how much she will be pushed to the wall. She went ahead to mention that there have been very many instances where she has been provoked to tell off on Kiwa and let his dirty linens hang on the clothing line but she has always refused to use such an opportunity.

According to Sheebah, she can never benefit from bad mouthing another person because that is not where her money or blessings come in from. Sheebah strongly values the time she spent under Kiwa’s label as well as the friendship they shared so for the sake of the old times, she still chooses to keep his dirty secrets to herself.

Jeff Kiwa and Sheebah worked well together ever since she began her music career which was 10 years ago. The two grew up musically together and Sheebah became a star and one of the best female musicians Uganda has ever had in time.

However, early this year, Sheebah separated from Jeff Kiwa and the reason behind their separation wasn’t revealed. Many believed that the two were long term lovers and their seperation was caused by a lover’s quarrel.

A week after their separation, Jeff Kiwa signed a new artiste who is much younger called Rahmah Pinky, and a lot of words were said Including the fact that the fresh talent sung exactly like Queen Karma and she was outright meant to replace Sheebah. Sheebah decided to keep her mouth shut throughout everything.

According to Sheebah, she chose to be quiet for a reason, and for the friendship she had with Jeff Kiwa, she doesn’t see herself saying anything about him. She even added that for the sake of old times, if Jeff Kiwa wants her to help on pushing Rahmah Pinky, he shouldn’t hesitate from asking her for a collaboration.

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