Dancehall singer Nutty Neithan, famously known for his trademarked and unique singing style, has been off the musical scene for a while after having disappeared like a Muchwezi.

Many of his fans have missed his hoarse voice and unique music but he never even promised anyone that he would soon deliver anything only to surprise his fans with his upcoming hot album. Nutty disclosed that he is planning to revive his music career by dropping a brand new music album.

The “Bakuwe Kyonywa” singer made the revelation during an interview on Sanyuka TV as he shared some of the plans he has in store for his music lovers.

Born Nathan Wamawungo, Nutty revealed that his new music album titled “Undisputed” consists of six tracks. The songs on the EP include; Mmala Mmala, Nsanga Mukibbaala Kyo, Ompomera Awo, In Deh, I Neva Knew, and Kusala Dance.

He promised that this is going to be a hotter album than all his previous ones as he has spent time crafting this beautiful masterpiece. According to Nutty, the album has songs that are groundbreaking and that dancehall lovers will be thrilled with the kind of musical content he has in store.

Nutty Neithan is one of the dancehall artists who set the pace in the music business when he released a couple of bangers that earned him a name on the dancehall scene.

Nutty Neithan faded off the music charts around 2017 and has since struggled to find a jam that will bring him back on the scene. Now could be the time for his fans to feel his vibe yet again. We can’t wait.

Leticia Nambaziira

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