Musician King Saha and musician Bebe cool have been having an unceasing battle of words over the internet for a while now. It is difficult to say who has been taking the lead in the war but it is undeniable that king saha has benefited from it after dropping a famous hit song dubbed ‘Zakayo as he was taunting Bebe Cool.

Saha has taken the beef a notch higher after he came out and told music lovers that Bebe Cool slept with her aunt’s maid and sired a child. He made the shocking allegation while performing at Galaxy FM’s event dubbed “Zzinafest22” at Jahazi Piers in Munyonyo, Kampala.

He slept with the maid and after she gave birth, he named the child Byarugaba instead of his family name, Ssali. He did not want anyone to know,”


He went on to say that he is not afraid of anything that might happen to him as a result of his revelations.

In 2019, Bebe Cool called out King Saha for abusing drugs. He also Degraded his leadership skills after he declared his intention to run for Uganda Musician Association (UMA) presidency and this, ladies and gentlemen is where the beef begun.

Leticia Nambaziira

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