Sexy diva Karole Kasita is dropping a baby any time from now. Recently, she came out to confess about the identity of her baby daddy, having kept it secret for a long time.

During her performance with fellow singer Fefe Busi,she started getting closer to him and in the end, they started complimenting each other romantically. All these hints were most certainly enough to prove that the pair was dating and that Fefe was the father of her baby.

Previously, many social media inlaws linked her pregnancy to rapper Fefe Busi but she kept on hushing them and telling them to stay out of her business because it was none of their concern.

Now the issue at hand is that Galaxy FM’s Dj Nimrod claims to be responsible for ballooning Karole Kasita. He mentioned that she is still to shy to mention it but the truth will come out as she will get tired of hiding it.

“I made Karole Kasita pregnant. She will finally tell the truth one day,” Dj Nimrod told the crowd at Zzina Fest.

Dj Nimrod is a city casanova who has been famous for his bedding skills. İt is also alleged that Nimrod has bedded over 100 city babes and he still does not get enough. We however await a comment from Karole kasita.

Leticia Nambaziira

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