Musician Pallaso introduced the still upcoming singer Jowy Landa to the music scene.

The two however unfortunately fell out over unclear circumstances after a few months and this fall out saw Jowy Landa leaving Team Good Music. After quitting Pallaso’s Good Music Entertainment, she joined De texas management and later also left the management for Sure Events.

Netizens have been trying to find out the reason why the two had got a hideous argument and had decided to part ways but it still remains an unsolved mystery.

In a new interview, Pallaso said he holds no grudge against Jowy Landa. He then went ahead to mention that he believes she is the next big thing and she will give female singers a run for their money.

Pallaso mentioned that Jowy has very commendable work and that all female musicians in the musical industry should be worried about her because she will surely over take them one at a time within the coming years.

According to the work she has, female singers should be wary of her. She appears unserious, but she has changed a lot and she is now flying. She has been on numerous tours, being booked by several Promoters,” Pallaso said in an interview with local television.

Jowy Landa is currently managed by DJ Roja after also quitting Sure events.

Leticia Nambaziira

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