zuchu and Diamond
Zari and Diamond

Socialite Zari Hassan has threatened to sue bloggers for faking captions and using her images to sell malicious content.

It all started when a Tanzanian blogger called Zuchu out for pretending to be Diamond’s wife, with the caption describing how much Zuchu enjoys talking about Diamond and accompanying him on his trips.

They accused Zuchu of being clingy, and also put up a caption, allegedly from Zarı warning Zuchu off Diamond and telling her to stop trying to cling onto him while convincing the Whole World that she was his wife because she would never be.

According to the seen caption, Zari warned her that she would remain Diamond’s wife for eternity and there was no use in Zuchu trying to hold on to him. The ludicrous post was made on Facebok and it seems the mother of five must have come across it and it did not please her because she commented threatening to sue bloggers who wrote fake claims about her.

She mentioned that everything in the caption which had her name tagged to it was not from her and she has never made such hideous comments. Zari also mentioned that bloggers should stop using her name to publish false news for clout because she has never claimed Diamond as her own, after all she has Shakib by her side.

She also made it clear that if such behaviour continues,she will sue such bloggers.

Alafu wajinga wote hapa wanaamini this fake caption with my photo, I’ve been warning you that one of these days I’ll sue you to apoint where you will have to sell your kidney to pay me.” Zari said.

Zari and Diamond have both moved on, she is happy with her man Shakib while Zuchu is making Diamond very happy.

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