After having been robbed millions of money by his run away lover Vanessa Vanny, City tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has decided to find a new hobby that he could invest in and he therefore decided to venture In Talent Management.

Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa has announced his entry into the music management business very recently. Lwasa revealed on Wednesday that he had signed a female artiste named Tyana Bax.

Many netizens believe that this new business is only a disguise for Lwasa to get easier access to women considering that he is a loyal lover of hot women. He however seems unfazed by all those ludicrous accusations as he decided to hold his head high and start his new venture.

Tyana Bax, the new signee is currently based in Israel but she is expected to return to Uganda in the next few weeks. During a press conference, Lwasa was asked whether his relationship with Tyana is purely business or romantic as well, because well, it is Lwasa we are talking about after all.

He however declared that his relationship with her is strictly proffesional and does not involve romanticism.

“I have no romantic relationship with her, but if we decide to date, who will be hurt? Why are you asking childish questions,” he said.

He then went ahead and disclosed she signed a management deal for 10 years.

Leticia Nambaziira

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