Former Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Amelia Anne Kyambadde said that she loves songstress Winnie Nwagi because she is resilient. According to her, Nwagi makes her very happy and she made this revelation when she was asked who her favorite musician was. Kyambadde mentioned that Nwagi is not only very determined but she sings so well.

First of all, she sings well; secondly, she is resilient. No matter how much she is abused, she doesn’t mind. I like strong people.” Kyambadde said

Nwagi has previously said she has had to wear a thick skin because some of the things that people attack her for, she has seen them benefit particular groups. For instance, she recently said that most women who are Plus size have been inspired to wear short clothes because of seeing her look good in them however much there is a section of Netizens that keeps bugging her about her dress code.

personally, as Winnie Nwagi, I inspire the big women. before there are clothes big girls couldn’t wear, but because of me, they meet me and tell me, because of you I can do this, that means I inspire people, so no one can stop me. Fans should love us the way we are. We thank them, but there is when they exceed their limits. Let’s respect artistes,” she said recently.

The other person who has shown adoration for Nwagi is fellow artiste Sheebah Karungi. Sheebah mentioned that the list of things she likes about people is not very long and she likes honest and Frank people. Sheebah mentioned that she likes it when people don’t fake and Nwagi purely is always honest with herself as an individual.

“I like people who are straightforward and frank. And I know Ugandans like people like that. So, when you see people, sometimes they are not fake, but being true to yourself is not for everyone. Women who are tough that they don’t wait for approval. I know what bothers you most about Winnie is she doesn’t like being boxed in. And that’s what disturbs you about me. You want to control our lives, but we have refused. Winnie and I have refused, why? We’ve come from where we’ve come, we’ve done what we’ve done, [so you have to let us] live our lives because we are old people.” Said Sheebah

Leticia Nambaziira

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