Anita displaying her ring less fingers

Gorgeous, curvy and beautiful city socialite, Anita Fabiola was the main host at Sheebah Karungi’s well executed and mighty successful concert at the Kampala Serena Hotel on Friday evening. There were very many revelers and the concert was indeed a success.

Unquestionably, where there are many people of course we expect the hawk eyed fellas to also be active even when they act like they are minding their own business. Besides just going down in history as the night that Sheebah put up an electrifying performance or the night when many female artists were given a chance to perform, there was also the Fabiola incident that grabbed up some amazing headlines for Netizens and revelers.

First it was her making an appearance on stage without her wearing the official engagement ring that was given to her by her fiance. This was enough sauce for revelers as it ended up sparking off debate whether all was right in her marriage with hubby, Mark Ronald or there was trouble in paradise and that was why her promisory band was off.

As if that was not enough, Fabiola’s increased weight blew some of the revelers off their seats as many kept wondering whether the former NTV presenter had swallowed an entire cow or these were simply signs of an early pregnancy manifesting.

To make their suspicions even more heavy, the award winning host pulled through wearing a long maternity like outfit that didn’t give revelers a chance to glance at her beautiful body.

Suspiciously, she has always been a skimpy dresser who shows off a considerable amount of skin to her fans. It is not usually Fabiola’s trait to come through for a function without the will of showing off her sexy curves but this time round she did and so questions had to be asked.

We have not heard a word from her yet but we shall keep you posted as the story unfolds.

Leticia Nambaziira

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