Urban TV ‘Tumbiiza Wishlist’ presenter, Lynette Xen has blasted finally nosy NBS TV gossip king, Isaac Kawalya aka Kayz for being on her case.

In Lynette’s Facebook post rant, she kindly reminded Kayz of his late mother and rebuked him that when she conceived him she was the happiest woman on earth but yet she gave birth to such a son in the end.

According to Xen, for Kayz to bad mouth her over her motherhood, she says it’s wrong and asked the gossip monger to stay out of her business. Lynette told Kayz that being a mother is a blessing not a curse, to which many people did agree.

She went ahead to educate Kayz about how motherhood was meant to be a blessing instead of a curse because even his mother was too happy when she had him that she never minded what anyone else would say about her pregnancy or her baby.

When your mother got pregnant with you am sure she was the happiest woman on earth. Am also sure so many people made harsh comments about her pregnacy like you made for me. But regardless she had you raised you and now I believe you made her proud the time she was alive (God rest her soul). But ever since she departed your big nose cant seem to be out of other peoples business. BEING A MOTHER IS A BLESSING NOT A CURSE!!!” Said Lynette Xen

The beginning of this entire issue arose In July last year when word made rounds all over social networks that Lynette was pregnant for Pastor Andrew Jjengo, son to the late Pr Augustine Yiga.

An employee at ABS TV sent the rumor all over social sites when she posted pictures of Xen and the handsome pastor gazing lovingly in each other’s eyes.

However, the pastor came out and denied having any connection with her and said it was the work of Photoshop.

Leticia Nambaziira

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