Recently, the newest and hottest talk in town has been the new monster ride owned by socialite Zari’s boy toy Shakib Cham. While he was celebrating his dear birthday, he decided to gift himself with a brand new monster ride.

Since then, it has been the talk of town and Netizens’ have since then concluded that the young boy does not have that ridiculous amount of money to buy himself such a fine ride.

Socialite Zari Hassan real name Zarinah Ttale has trashed social media rumours that she bought her toy boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya the brand new ride on his birthday. According to Zari, Shakib is a grown man that can afford his own luxuries and hence getting himself a new car is not the biggest of deals that has ever existed.

Although Shakib didn’t say who gifted him a brand new car, netizens quickly purported that Zari bought her toy boyfriend a car since she is rich and toy boyfriend who is also 12 years younger than she is happens to be as poor as a church mouse.

However, in a recent press conference made by Zari Hassan, she revealed that Lutaaya bought himself a car. She also revealed that Lutaaya is a hardworking man and he has money to do whatever he wants. According to Zari , fans should stop thinking that Shakib doesn’t have money because she only chooses the best men to date and among her rendezvous she has never dated a broke guy even when he is younger than she is.

Zari called upon her followers as well as Netizens to avoid thinking that she sponsors her lover’s life style because he is quite hardworking and established hence he can afford all the luxuries he wants in life.

Shakib is a very hardworking man and he provides himself with whatever he wants. I didn’t buy him a car on his birthday, he bought a car himself. The fact that I have a lot of money and I am established, it doesn’t mean I give my boyfriend expensive things,” Zari said.

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