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Crysto Panda still at war with critics over his ‘Trending words’ music

Ever Since Hebert Kityamuweesi alias Crysto Panda announced that he had officially joined serious music business with the release of his Kyoyina Omanya single, critics began questioninghow long he was meant to stay relevant in the music industry.

There was rumor that he went ahead to request The king Herself Cindy Said him and participate in singing his jam for a remix and she declined, reasoning that Crysto Panda was not deserving of her energy.The TV presenter took a chill pill and approached Sheebah Karungi who was then at loggerheads with Cindy Sanyu and asked that they work together.

His hardwork as well as good luck, she agreed and they hit the studio and dropped the remix for Kyoyina Omanya which became a banger, gaining massive airplay on different media outlets. The Kyoyina Omanya remix with Sheebah gave Crysto Panda a decent introduction to the music scene and unfortunately, up to date, he has failed to produce a song as good as it was.

The song dominated the radio waves and took him far. There is however still a gap between him and success because many critics around him mention that he is only famous for releasing ‘trending words’ music but not real music.

All Crysto Panda’s recent songs have not really received the same amount of airplay. Earlier this year, his close friend and former workmate Sheilah Gashumba requested him to stop producing music in a rush and hoping on trends to release music thinking he will get hits.

The advice from Sheilah Gashumba didn’t sit down well with Panda as he also countered the socialite by asking her to back off his music career because he could handle it on his own. She, however is not the only one who believes he needs to do better with his music since very many have come out to criticised his music
While appearing on Sanyuka TV,

Crysto Panda challenged all music critics who claim that he sings ‘trending words’ music to hit the studio and make music better than his.

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