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“ I don’t care if Geosteady is seeing another woman.” Prima Kardash.

It is no longer news that Socialite Prima Kardash recently rekindled her romantic relationship with singer Geosteady and they have gone on to paint the city with their love. They went a s far as shooting a music video together and Geosteady went ahead to appreciate Primas’s hard work and dedication towards the project, mentioning that it was for their two children.

The couple shares two children but she has no problem with him seeing other women. According to her, she feels like there is no issue with her husband having another woman by her side to love and cherish along side her baby mama( how generous)

According to Prima, she says she would only be concerned if he failed to take care of his responsibilities at home. If he is providing all the necessities then she doesn’t mind him drilling for minerals from other holes.

According to Prima, all the other women are not a problem as long as she is well catered for and she feels loved in the relationship. She mentioned that there is bo man that was created for one woman and therefore no woman should be bothered by the fact that a man has a side chick.

If I am dating a man who is sleeping around, other women are not my problem. I only mind about love and money. There is no man created for one woman, I just want him to take care of his responsibilities,” she mentioned.

It should be recalled that She left Geosteady and dated Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie for two years right before going back to her baby daddy after a harsh seperation from her lover boy.

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