Just recently reknown actor who performed the role of Dr. Gordon Ssemagonja on the famous TV show dubbed OMG by the ebonies’ came out to mention that ever since fellow actress Eva Namulondo broke his fragile heart, he has never been able to view relationships in the same light. He mentioned that he was left with a scar so deep that it has not allowed him to recover and be able to get into another relationship as of yet.

Actress Evelyn Namulondo has refuted the allegation that she’s been dating fellow actor Gordon Ssemagonja. It is however recorded in his interview that Gordon had recently when he appeared in the media saying that he was in love with Evelyn Namulondo but she broke his heart by leaving him when he was deeply in love.

His interview does however suggest that it was not unrequited love but rather it was a relationship between two soul mates.

According to Evelyn Namulondo, she has never been in a relationship with him and they have even never been close as friends. The mother of one Evelyn Namulondo said she knows her exes and if he is one of them she wouldn’t be denying him but the fact that he is not one she has nothing to talk about him.

According to Eva, she mentioned that she was so shocked to hear her name coming off his mouth not just because he claimed they were an item but also majorly because they were never close even as friends so she wouldn’t know where the allegations came from.

“I have never been in love with Gordon. I was so surprised when he said he was in a relationship with him yet I have even never been so close to him as a friend. I know my exes and he is not one of them,” Evelyn Namulondo said.

Leticia Nambaziira

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