Rema Namakula is one of the most talented musicians in the country. It is no secret however that Rema has touched many people with her incredibly beautiful voice as well as her distinguishable beauty.

There were many hate comments on Rema’s career when she decided to dump fellow singer and award winner Eddy Kenzo. She immediately got hitched to a medical practitioner who suddenly became her everything everything.

Rema was the center of attention of very many people and she did not mind all the attention as long as she was with the love of her life Hamza. She is regarded by many as the best vocalist and it is evident with her hit songs that have dominated the airwaves over the years she has spent as an artiste.

However much her talent is unmistakable, we all did not see Lydia Jazmine’s sweet comments about her coming. Lydia Jazmine came out to mention sweet words about Rema Namakula, whom mentioned Rema as her idol in all the famous personalities.

Well, as a fellow vocalist and talented artist, Lydia Jazmine is also massively talented and has won over very many souls in the music industry since she made her debut. Lydia has come out to shower Rema with praise. According to Lydia Jazmine, Rema inspires her because of her insanely beautiful talent and most importantly the fact that she keeps humble.

“I love her. She is the most talented musician I know but she is very humble,” she said.

Lydia Jazmine further said she looks forward to hitting the studio with Rema Namakula anytime soon. Well, we await this wonderful collabo if it surely will happen.

Leticia Nambaziira

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