Famous blogger Isma Olaxess keeps stiring trouble recently. The news on the block is that Isma came out to sting at Swangz Avenue as he mentioned that Swangz Avenue should admit that they have failed to rise a talent for the first time because Zafaran has failed musically to make it in the industry considering that Zafaran has no songs dominating the airwaves.

While speaking BTM TV on Thursday, trouble maker and blogger Isma Olaxess said that Zafaran might end up struggling forever since she has failed to leave a mark in the industry even after being with one of the best record labels in the industry.

She has failed to make a mark. Swangz Avenue should accept that they can also fail. She might struggle forever,” he said.

Zafaran has embarked on a media tour to promote her latest hit Nkuba which is still failing to get attention anywhere. A lot of Ugandans have been alleging that she might struggle forever since artists signed to Swangz Avenue usually get an immediate breakthrough.

Swangz Avenue unveiled Zafaran on 22 March. In a similar signing event, Zafaran real name Josephine Nakyoonyi was seen with Swangz lawyers at their office in the industrial area, signing her contract.

Details of the contract were not disclosed, but it’s believed to have been a long-term recording contract. Swangz however is famous for always signing up artists they’ve never heard of before and turning them into megastars.

It’s believed that Zafaran has been under training for months, leading to the contract signing, In a recent interview, Benon Mugumbya, Director at the label mentioned that Swangz intends to retain all its artists and add several more to the label hence they are surely maintaining Zafaran

Leticia Nambaziira

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