Bad Black , self proclaimed ‘Masolo Queen’ real name Shanita Namuyimbwa must still be in agony after having lost a hot young man to Socialite Zari Hassan. Shakib Cham was an unknown mystery to many Netizens’ up until he was introduced to the media by A beaming Zari Hassan who introduced her as the love of her life.

Most netizens knew Shakib after Zari paraded him in April this year, a month after she dumped South African-based and money loaded, GK Choppa.
At first many thought Shakib was Zari’s cousin or bodyguard until she publicly confirmed that they were dating and having the hots for each other.

She received a lot of criticism online because many social media in laws blasted her for dating a guy they thought was as old as her first born son.

Zari however defended herself by revealing that Shakib was old enough to chew her and she went ahead and told critics to lay her off. While the two get all lovey dovey with each other, a little digging has been done by excavators and they have discovered that Shakib Cham is Bad Black’s ex-boyfriend. It is alleged that after Meddie Ssentongo broke Bad Black’s heart, she switched to younger boys.

She first dated Kim Swagga and the pair have a child. In 2016, Bad Black dated Shakib Cham and evidence was derived from her Facebook achievest where at one point she uploaded him as his cover photo. The pair dated for two years and parted ways. She later landed Sky West, who she dumped in 2019 and moved in with Asha Panda Katende.

Shakib Cham is said to be a smart guy wo only goes to fancy places and stages himself in the way of loaded women to try and wiggle his way into their pockets in the guise of relationships! It is not a surprise that he is with Zari.

Leticia Nambaziira

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