Here is a bit of good news to all the Chozen Blood fanatics out there. It has taken some time but still, it could be that a concert from Chozen Blood is soon to unfold in the coming year 2023. We are only a few days from the new year and we have already started receiving good news for the coming year.

Yes, that is right. Singer Chozen Blood is anticipating a concert in the coming year. Popularly known for his lock down hit ‘sharp shooter’, he has very many good hits to offer on stage and according to past witnessed performances where Chozen has gone to perform as an extra on concerts, he has shown off a wonderful energy and radiance in all of his performances.

Musician Chozen Blood will be making ten years in the music industry in 2023 and he already has plans of staging a concert. We can already imagine him dominating the stage with his beautiful voice and electric performance.

The singer announced in an interview with a local radio explaining he will give his fans an amazing experience with the great music he has released over time. The wait has been long but according to Intel, it will be worth it because Chozen Blood has only prepared the best of the best.

If all goes well, I am planning on staging a concert next year,” he said.

The singer confirmed he will only allow artists he has collaborated with quite to perform at his concert and there will be no other curtain raisers. The concert dates will be released next year so we prepare and await for the best.

Leticia Nambaziira

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