Last week, noise maker Isma Olaxess alleged that Ghetto President Bobi Wine is having a secret romantic affair with upcoming singer Karitas Kario who now lives in America.

According to Isma, he mentioned that Bobi Wine should not be treated like an angel anymore because he is the devil’s incarnate when it comes to cheating on his lawfully wedded wife Barbie Itungo.

Isma claimed that Bobi Wine has been visiting the USA to get some good loving from Karitas. It should be noted that Karitas and Bobi Wine are close friends and while he was in the states he took various pictures with Karitas.

Bobi Wine did not comment on this hearsay but rather kept his distance from the rumor. Karitas on the other hand came out and mentioned that Isma was only seeking for media attention as well as justification for the lack of better things to do with his free time. She mentioned that he was only searching for attention from his followers.

Isma’s statements didn’t seat well with many of Bobi Wine’s fans who tasked him to prove his comments with any sort of images or At least exchange of romantic conversation between the two but he reportedly failed to find any evidence against the pair so he settled with offering a public apology to their leader and his close friend after failing to get evidence incriminating them.

After failing to get evidence to pin the two, he apologized for his statements. He mentioned that he was wrong about having exposed such a sensitive piece of information with out even verifying it first. Isma mentioned that such an incident will never repeat itself in the future.

“I didn’t verify the information before letting it out. I apologize to Bobi Wine and Karitas who must have been affected by my claims,” he said during an interview with a local YouTuber.

Leticia Nambaziira

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