Fik Fameica is one of the most stylish Ugandan artists. He recently turned into a trend setter with his unique shoes that he wore for his concert. The shoes dominated the fashion scene for quite a while as they seemed like the newest hot deal anyone could land on.

He was considered a fashionista because he also knew how to put his outfits together for many of his public appearances as well as photo shoots. Over the years he has been in the music industry, Fameica has influenced the dress code among the young generation.

Fik Fameica has also always credited local designers like Sam Kikumba for his looks but during a recent interview, he made a new revelation that shocked his fans and followers.

According to Fik Fameica, he now imports his clothes from abroad. He mentioned that his clothes or outfits are always top notch and he always imports them so he no longer wears clothes from the local designers within the country.

Fameica however refused to mention the prices of the clothes he imported from abroad because he believes the price will shock Ugandans and throw them into a comma.

“I now import my clothes from abroad. I won’t name the prices, they might scare people,” he said.

It should be noted that Fik Fameica was a celebrity stylist and worked with artists like Eddy Kenzo before becoming a rapper.

Leticia Nambaziira

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