Socialite Zari Hassan is one of the renown relationship divers we have in the country. She is popular for rushing from one relationship only to land herself right into another one. Almost every month, Zari is seen hanging out with a you g gentleman, exchanging saliva and also displaying Public acts of affection.

In her comment section, there are always online in-laws complaining about how she never gives herself time to heal but rather dives deep into new commitments before the old ones even wear away. Many claim that this is the major reason why she always gets hurt at the simplest of things and also the reason why she easily gets dumped by her toy boys.

The mother of five was speaking in an interview with a reporter as she is currently in Uganda with her boy toy, Shakib Lutaaya preparing for an all-white party she is set to host. Since she landed in Uganda, she has been flaunting her relationship with her boyfriend and showing off the preparations for her All white party.

When asked what makes her happy, Zari denied suggestions that money was the answer. She attributed her happiness to leading a decent and simple life. She claimed that she did not care whether she had money since she appreciated the small things in life. (Easy to say when you have money right?)

Money cannot make you happy, money only gives you the freedom to do things, like fly the world, buy things.” She said.

This, to many people sounded so sarcastic because Zari has never even dated a broke man and all her baby daddies have always been wealthy men, capable of taking care of her and the kids.

When asked about the reason she keeps rushing from one relationship to another without taking time to heal, she mentioned that she can’t change anything about herself because she is a lover and a real one at that.

“I’m a lover, love is unconditional, it is not about material things.” She said.

Leticia Nambaziira

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