Musician Hellen Lukoma is floating on cloud 20 as she has launched her newest and recently finished project which is a beautifully constructed Apartment complex. Hellen therefore is a business owner and a CEO of the beautiful HL Apartments and she continues to thrive financially thanks to her husband, Anwar Kaka.

Hellen Lukoma got married to Anwar Kaka in January 2019 after their introduction ceremony. The marriage ceremony later took place and the two were joined in the eyes of God.

On the wedding reception, Kaka showered Lukoma with dollars he has been known for looking after his wife relentlessly as he is said to cover almost all her bills and expensive life style. So far the couple have three children.

Despite criticism from netizens over her dress code, Kaka is madly in love with her and continues to shower her with gifts. Recently, she was put in the spot light for her performance at the purple party where she threw her legs up in the air and opened them wide for the entire population to see. Anwar did not care even one bit about what Netizens said.

In February this year, Kaka surprised Lukoma with a Range Rover on Valentines Day and even paid for personalized number plates with initials of Hellen Lukoma ‘HL’.

Now yesterday, Hellen posted a video on her Instagram showing off apartments in Najjera named ‘HL Living’. According to an anonymous source, her sweetheart gifted these to her and named them after her. Congratulations Hellen Lukoma

Leticia Nambaziira

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