Renowned social media blogger Isma Olaxess has pledged thrown his tail in between his hind legs as he has sworn to positively support Zari Hassan going forward instead of always picking on her and making her look like a bad person. This happened right after meeting her and offering his apology for trash-talking her in the past months.

On Wednesday, Zari Hassan held a press conference to announce her All White Party and In attendance was part of the Young Famous and African crew including Andile Ncube, Naked DJ, Kayleigh Schwark, and Swanky Jerry.

Renowned blogger Isma Olaxess was as well in attendance and he got a chance to meet Zari for the first time in his life.
Olaxess is known for his criticizing public figures and has on several occasions lashed out at Zari noting how she is no longer influential.

On Wednesday, however, Olaxess was left speechless upon meeting and interacting with the self-styled Bosslady, something that changed his perspective on her entirely.

The social media blogger was then heard emphasizing how he is now “Team Zari” and will continue to defend her image for as long as she is still in a relationship with Shakib Cham.

Zari who seemed rather surprised by Olaxess’ behavior said that she has no problem with bloggers who speak trash about her because they keep her brand alive.

Well, however much we are unsure about how long Isma will keep up his good manners, we still congratulate the pair upon their sudden reconciliation.

Leticia Nambaziira

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