The travel documents processed by Mimi
Shakib with Mimi

Nalule Shamirah Sembatya aka Mimi who is currently based in America is accusing Zari Hassan of snatching her husband, Shakibu Lutaaya aka Shakib Cham from her. Well, she is not all talk but she has also come out with evidence to back up her accusations. Mimi threw out a few documents that prove that Shakib is even hooked to her.

According to documents shared by Mimi, she married Shakib in June 2016 and processed him a US visa in May 2017 so that he could join her in America. In 2016, however he belonged to Bad Black as she first made Shakib as her featured photo on Facebook account and declared she had landed herself a new bae.

In March this year, Zari started publicly hanging out with the same Shakib after she dumped South African-millionaire GK Choppa. Netizens thought he was just an aid or a body guard due to his well built body but later, Zari confirmed that they were dating. Since then, the pair have been inseparable and always killing onlookers with public displays of affection.

At first critics accused the Bosslady of dating a young boy and they made harsh remarks as they said he is of the same age as Zari’s first born. Zari defended herself and told off critics, claiming that Shakib was old enough to be chewing her.

What has shocked Netizen’s however is that from documents Mimi shared, the man in question was born in 1991, meaning he is 31 years old, something the public had no idea about.

Netizen’s however seem not to be shocked as they have already come out to call Shakib an opportunist who only dates rich and famous belles in order to find a way to survive hunger.

With the new can of worms that has opened up, we await a comment from his sugar momma Zarı Hassan as she never disappoints and always springs up in defense of her lover boy.

Leticia Nambaziira

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