Media personality and social media influencer Sheila Caroline Gashumba suddenly stopped putting her romantic relationship with singer Rickman Manrick in the spot light. When this happened, many believed that the love birds had finally split up and many mentioned that they knew the relationship would not last simply because Sheila is the kind of girl that beds celebrities every now and then.

Well, they were wrong about her because she has proved them wrong. Sheila is still dating singer Rickman and the two just happen to be smitten with each other to the point that they are even planning on when to have kids of their own. Sheila stated that she wants to give birth for Rickman at the age of 27. She also mentioned the reason why she is going to have a child at the age of 27 years.

It should be noted that Sheila Gashumba is one of the most successful young women in Uganda’s entertainment industry. She recently celebrated her 25th birthday and she is still working hard for her future.

Despite the strength of her relationship, they haven’t made it official, and neither do they have a child together.
She has been asked multiple times why she hasn’t had a child despite being successful and according to Sheila Gashumba she is looking forward to having a child two years to come.

Sheila Gashumba said she is waiting to make 27 years because at the moment she feels like she is still young and so is her boyfriend. Sheila believes that her and her boyfriend need to work a bit more and make more money to support a family

“I am
going to have a child at 27 years. I and my boyfriend Rickman are all still young and we are both chasing money. So we have to wait a bit more to make it work out,” Sheila Gashumba said.

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