At the end of the All White Party that happened on Thursday night, Zari Hassan was left phoneless after city thugs made off with one of her most prized possessions which is her highly expensive phone.

Well, it is evident that the Zari All white party did not only feature big celebrities in the media and movie industry in South Africa but it also was attended by the All White Party which happened at Motiv, Bugolobi on Thursday night.

Zari Hassan arrived at the venue in her usual style adorned in all-white as the theme of the party that had been endorsed by American rapper Rick Ross. Several fellow Ugandan celebrities were seen at the event which also had a few artists perform for the elegantly and classily dressed revelers.

Part of the big turn-up, unfortunately were a few characters of ill intention that had other targets beyond just having a good time. In a video that has been making rounds on social media, Zari Hassan claims that her phone ,a Samsung S20 Ultra to be more specific was stolen from her.

According to Zari, it is a quite expensive phone and whoever took it surely won the lottery. Zari however was not moved by the loss in regards to monetary value as she mentioned that she could easily replace that phone with ten new phones of the same pricing.

What hurt Zari however was that the phone held such profound memories that she could never be able to replace because it contained of pictures of her children as the were growing up. Zari pleaded with whoever had stolen the phone to please return it to her as soon as immediately because she truly needed her pictures back.

They have stolen my phone. It’s Gold, a Samsung S20 Ultra. It has a photo of me wearing a South African headband and a blue gown. Everyone is trying to make a living, I know, so even you taking my phone is okay but please bring it back. You can look for my sisters on social media, Cheune, my man Shakib Cham, you can give it to them and we’ll be good. I am rich enough to buy ten other phones of a kind but that phone has photos of my children. It’s just the memories I can’t buy. Please bring back my phone.” She said.

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