When it comes to being the perfect girlfriend, Influencer and media personality Sheila Gashumba has raised the bar so high that it is very hard for other girlfriends to even sniff close to it.
We all know how obsessed Rickman Manrick is with football and in fact for the time he disappeared from the musical scene, he was busy playing football for a living. He has never failed to mention that football has always been his dream as he traveled in his father’s footsteps.

Rickman, son of former KCCA star Patrick Kabuye featured for Sävedalen , a second division football club based in Gothenburg city, Sweden where he suffered a nasty knee injury that sidelined his career growth before finding a breakthrough in music.
Now Sheila has come up with the perfect gift for him as he was celebrating his birthday recently. The media personality has gifted her celebrity boyfriend Derrick Ddungu better known as Rickman Manrick with match day tickets for the Arsenal versus Manchester United game.

To be more exact, according to internet sources, an Arsenal match ticket costs about Shs425,000 per head and when we sum up together with the flight and accommodation costs plus the sheer experience of football live in the stadium, Sheilah has given every girlfriend out there a tricky challenge.

Sheila Gashumba describes her singinboyfriend as an amazing man who has always dreamt of watching Arsenal play. She mentioned that he deserves such a prize and she should indeed do her best for the man that keeps doing his best for her.

Happy birthday Rickman Manrick. May God give you whatever you wish for. Thank you for being an amazing man. I know you have always dreamt of watching Arsenal play so I’ve purchased the best stadium tickets for you to watch Arsenal Vs Man in London this Jan”, she tweeted.

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