Evelyn Namulondo is one of the beautiful ladies that are roaming the streets of Kampala. She has also been mentioned as one of the hot singles of Kampala and in this regard, she has been linked to very many men ever since the world knew she is single.

Some of the men however have been bouncing themselves about how they were linked to Evelyn romantically and one of these is Ebonies’ actor who is best known for his role as Dr. Gordon in the Ebonies’ show dubbed Oh My God Kino Kitalo! Dr. Gordon mentioned that he would never be able to love again because the one time he fell in love, he was died and left heartbroken and the culprit he pointed out that caused this heartbreak was none other than Evelyn Namulondo.

When she came out to deny having been involved romantically with him, he played cool about it and mentioned that he had dropped all the bad memories and the two had reconciled on a friendly basis

She broke my heart, we mended the situation and now we are very, very good and close friends. she is now my good friend and we cooperate. But she is now a city girl and I wouldn’t date her again,” he said.

Namulondo has also been romantically linked to B2C, alias Kampala Boys, who are also said to be dating Rema Namakula, the wide to Dr. Hamza Ssebunya. She however came out to deny these claims but she never bothered to give a full detailed explanation on how she knows the hot boys of the B2C trio. This time around however, she came out to clarify that they are more of siblings to her.

When asked why she and her friend Namakula are always hanging out with them, She asked if there was a problem with hanging out as a family considering that the boys are her brothers.

You’ve a problem with it? Those are my brothers, my sons. B2C are my brothers, my sons, and Rema is my sister.” She stated.

She therefore mentioned that once she and Rema are seen anywhere with these fine gentlemen, it should be noted that they are at a family gathering because they are siblings and not just ordinary friends.

So, when you see us together, it’s a family day out. If you have problems that are making you lose sleep, that’s okay. For us we are enjoying.” She said.

It should be noted that Rema Namakula has a song with the trio called Guttuja, so platonic friendship can’t be ruled out amongst them.

Leticia Nambaziira

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