Singer Ronald Alimpa was recently involved in a nasty accident along Semuto Road, that claimed four lives including Lady Grace and left him nursing terrible wounds and broken bones. Alimpa was involved in a series of drama after his accident as he faced disagreements with his mother when she restricted him from using drugs.

He later apologized to his mother and was pardoned however. Ever since he left hospital, he has been recovering fast but he has not been able to stand on his own as of yet so he still uses the aid of a wheelchair.

Despite being not fully recovered, the singer accepted the festive season booking and promised to sing while seated in a wheelchair. Because he needed the money, he agreed to perform even when he is still confined to a wheelchair. Unfortunately however, things didn’t go well for him after he was arrested for failure to perform.

Alimpa’s arrest came after he failed to reach in time in areas of Rakai where he was booked to perform on boxing day. According to police, this happened after the musician failed to get on stage for a performance in Ndebba trending center as well as another performance right after in Kakyera.

Police say that by the time he arrived in the area for a performance, revelers had left the place, something that prompted the organizers to drag him to jail as he had Breached their agreement yet he took payment for the booking.

There was a problem in Rakai where one musician known as Alimpa Ronald who was supposed to perform in Ndebba trending center and Kakyera later failed to reach in time and by the time he reached Ndebba, people had left the place, this prompted his arrest. It is the event organizers themselves that caught him and took him to the police.” Police reported

The police gave a statement that after his arrest, he could not make it to Kakyera where he was also awaited so revelers there were so angry that they resorted to sabotaging equipment to calm their anger.

Despite the fact that the revelers in Kakyera were waiting for him, he couldn’t make it since he was arrested by police. When he failed to show up, people in Kakyera decided to demolish the property at the show including generators and speakers,” said the police.

Leticia Nambaziira

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