There was top notch drama that ensued last night as singer Geosteady aka Blackman performed at his show ‘Dine with Geosteady’ at Cubana Geosteady had a successful show with a very strong and vibrant performance but what stood out the most was the drama between Prima Kardashi and Geosteady’s current girlfriend, Hindu Kay.

As Geosteady performed, Prima Kardashi, his baby mama stormed the stage and sang with the ‘Owooma’ singer. After singing along with him, she went ahead and splashed him with cash. Hindu Kay, who was also seated in the crowd, was filled with jealousy so she decided to make a counter attack. She grabbed cash to storm stage and tip Geosteady as well amid cheers from her supporters.

Unfortunately, one unidentified guy interrupted and begged her not to go on stage. As she insisted to go, Geosteady’s dad, her father in law also intervened and told her to not go up on the stage.
Netizen’s have concluded that since Geosteady decided to convert to Islam and changed his name from George to Hassan Kigozi, He decided to give in to the Islamic customs and among them is marrying four wives, which seems to be the law he understood the best.

When Geosteady separated with Prima Kardashi in October 2020, the pair started dating new people. Prima moved in with Galaxy FM presenter, Mr Henrie and Geosteady settled with a new belle, Hindu Kay.

It should also be recalled that Geosteady also has another baby mama who was identified as Minaji Maraj. She has been kept a secret until recently when Geosteady sent her a heart warming message for her birthday as he thanked her for mothering his wonderful son.

Happy Birthday Maama Hassan Kigozi thanks for being a mother to our cute son wishing more blessings more life.” He posted

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