The former New Amarula Productions member Yokana Mbuusi aka Kapere Lufotose has disclosed while breaking down about how he is struggling to earn a better living in Uganda. We all know how hard Kapere has struggled to earn a living. He once even decided to quit comedy After he proclaimed that he had gotten saved and was focusing on serving God.

At this particular time, it was when he was seen in a mass wedding, taking his bride home in splendor. Not too long afterwards, he was seen leaving the church and going back to his former comedy antics, which have also failed to earn him a living.

After failing a reliable job in his motherland, Kapere has new plans to better himself financially together with his family because he can’t tolerate poverty anymore. According to Kapere, he is planning to go out for Kyeyo because he is tired of the endless poverty in Uganda.

Kapere mentioned that he believes there is money awaiting him abroad rather than this poverty in his own home country. Regardless of his well-known name “Kapere

, the comedian has failed to earn enough from Comedy and has been going through hard times sustaining his family which comprises his wife and their two children regarding settlement, financials, health, and the necessary basic needs.

Kapere has called upon well-wishers in the diaspora especially those in America and England to kindly help him reach his dream so that he and his family better their lives. In other words, Kapere is planning on how to secure the papers.

However, the sad news is , his wife thinks otherwise. She believes

Kapere with forget about his responsibilities if he happens to leave the country so she does not support his idea of living her and the kids alone.

Leticia Nambaziira

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