It is habitual at the famous radio station Galaxy FM, birthdays are always celebrated in style. Not only do they hold a special cake cutting ceremony but they also do the famous birthday shower where they pour huge volumes of water to celebrate their birth.

All the top presenters such as DJ Nimrod, Prim, Mr. Henrie, Little joe, Detacha and DJ Herbert have faced the wrath of their workmates on their birthdays as well. It is rather considered their norm as celebration of their special days.

In the same way, the beautiful and endowed Haffy powers, who once presented the intriguing Night Breeze program together with Arthur Da Vaccine was yesterday afternoon ambushed by the stubborn crew at Galaxy and got showered with huge volumes of water.

Haffy, who had passed by for a talk show on the Evening Rush got surrounded by Galaxy workers who held buckets of water ready to shower her and make her wet. The presenter took it in good faith as she gladly accepted the rituals of her former work place.

She was seen giving in as the buckets of water hit her body one by one. All she could do was smile as she sat down on the ground, embracing her fate
Various pictures of Haffy being showered were taken and The Galaxy work crew were wowed by an amazing body she still posses even after she gave birth to a child. Happy Happy birthday Haffy Powerz.

Leticia Nambaziira

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