Recently, Presenter Kawalya Kayz came out and blasted influencer Sheila Gashumba mentioning that she should change her dress code before things get too bad for her. According to Kayz, Sheila may feel like she is on top of the clouds with the way she dresses currently but that is so besides the case because in the future, the same images stored by internet will be used against her to disgrace her after they are seen by her kids.

In retaliation, Sheila came out and mentioned that she does not need someone who is not on the same level as she is to tell her what to do or how she should be living her life. In her diss, she made reference to local Television shows that were showing in the olden days like Kigenya Agenya and the like.
She mentioned that while she was watching Beyoncé, Rihanna and Disney Channel, Kayz was feeding his eyes with local content so he should mind the way he talks to her.

News anchor Samson Kasumba came out and told off Sheila Gashumba for trolling local content, mentioning that she works on local channels so she should not be trolling local content because she was not even born in Disneyland.

Kasumba has come out and said kind words about gossip monger Kawalya Kaiyz describing him as very humble. He mentioned that after the Sheila incident, the two actually met up and he got to know Kayz as a good listener and a very humble human being.

Yesterday was a good day. I finally caught up with Mr.Kawalya AKA Kayz. We had a fantastic conversation on many things. Thankfully the lad listens and more importantly, he is not arrogant. I find him humble and genuine. The future is very good,” he wrote on Twitter

Leticia Nambaziira

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