Singers Chris Evans Kaweesa and Sasha Brighton Kalungi are ending their year 2022 in each other’s arms after both of them having received several heartbreaks. Chris Evans is known for not having stable relationships and in most times he has walked away heart broken and has always been finding difficulties in relationships with ladies he is interested in as they always end up leaving him heartbroken after giving him false hopes.

When it comes to Sasha Brighton, she has also been nursing wounds from heartbreaks ever since she joined the dating field. Sasha Brighton has also very recently faced a heartbreak after she cried out publicly when her baby daddy abandoned her and left her with nothing but memories of their life together. Many artistes came out to strengthen Sasha Brighton and among the many that stood by her side was none other than Chris Evans.

Amidst her terrible heartbreak, the two came together to release a collabo dubbed TEO. Netizen’s at first believed that the closeness between Sasha and Evans was because they had a collabo coming up and they had to advertise it but however, they have now started anticipating the start of a relationship between the pair

According to online in-laws, he found Sasha Brighton who has also been dealing with heartbreaks. With the two having common characters, Sasha Brighton and Chris Evans got together, released a song and now their bond is unbreakable.

Netizens claim the couple might be secretly bonking after having gotten closer during their collabo recording.

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