NUP President Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is the President of the resounding political Party National unity Platform. He has great patriotism for his party and he is known as the leader that cares for his party members enough to sacrifice for them.

As a musician, he has always been in support of fellow musicians. He always goes to support his fellow musicians and goes out of his way to even endorse their concerts. Being that Bobi Wine is very influencial when it comes to revelers, he is known to have a large fan base hence his endorsement does count as a big deal.

Currently, Bobi has called upon his fans to shun artists who do not support his political party, something hat is contrary to everything he has always stood up for in the past. In a video making rounds on social media, Bobi Wine is heard asking his followers not to go to music shows and events of people who support his opponents.

He also advised them to not listen to their music just as they should not go to their music shows as well as events where they are meant to perform. He simply stated that those that are against them are part of their oppressors and hence they can never be friends with their oppressors.

Please segregate those who are against us, don’t support them in any way because they are part of our oppressors. We can’t be friends yet they are using you to oppress my people,” he said.

Bobi Wine further argued the party fanatics and die hards should only support musicians who pledge allegiance and full support to NUP because they are the only ones that use their voices to fight injustice.

But you should on the other hand support all those who use their voices and talent to fight injustice,” he added.

Leticia Nambaziira

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