Bebe Cool is known to be one of the most outspoken Ugandan artists. If there is anything Netizen’s know about Bebe Cool, it’s that he never hesitates to say what he feels. He goes bare knuckles at fellow artists when has to as long as he believes it right to.

Well, Bebe Cool has a few words for musician Sheebah Karungi. He believes it is right for her to hear such words of wisdom from him in regards to her career. According to Bebe Cool, Sheebah needs a new management ASAP because her solo career seems to be just going down the drain so needs urgent help.

While discussing musician Sheebah Karungi he said she has struggled to impress her fans after falling out with her former manager, Jeff Kiwa and that has affected her numbers most especially those that always turn up to support her events.

He further said Sheebah attracted only 800 fans when she staged her two-day concert at Kampala Serena Hotel. Whereas tabloids and different sites recognized that Sheebah had filled to capacity in regards to fans pouring in for her concerts, Bebe Cool went ahead to discredit her, saying the people were very few and the space was majorly taken up by the tables which were very huge.

She had only 800 fans in the audience. Serena was not filled and the tables took up too much space,” he said.

Bebe Cool then advised Sheebah to find experienced management to cope with the competition because according to his observation, her career is lagging in accordance to all her musical competitions who have managers besides them.

Leticia Nambaziira

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