Renowned events promoter Bajjo, real name Andrew Mukasa, has asked Juliana Kanyomozi and other artists to stop letting fame influence them into overpricing themselves because it is ruining the industry as well as their careers.

According to him, it is such artists that have made promoters run bankrupt because they don’t attract very many revelers but yet they price their events so highly something that makes most of their events flop.

You have outdone yourself in regard to making promoters bankrupt. You are not a crowd-puller yet you keep asking for Shs15 million,” Bajjo said.

He went ahead to mention that such musicians are just disorganising the industry and making it lag behind because of their selfishness. Bajjo’s rants comes just a few days after Juliana canceled her performance at Joggies Bar due to the promoter’s failure to provide relevant logistical incentives for her and the band to stage a live performance.

This is not the first time in recent times that the singer has canceled a show over similar reasons. In April 2022, she did the same for the Jazz Safari Soul and RnB Safari Uganda Baileys Picnic event

Bajjo further stressed that local artists need to have realistic demands and stop letting fame get to their heads when pricing their services. According to him, most of these famous musicians believe they have made it above the moon simply because their fans know them but they tend to forget that their fans are not the only people in the World

He believes that by overpricing their services, musicians are making it hard for promoters to book them and in the end, it is the whole industry that will suffer.

Leticia Nambaziira

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