Events promoter, Andrew Alfonso Bajjo, alias, Bajjo Events, raised a point saying that gate fee collections at concerts in and around Kampala should not be less than Shs20,000. He came out to mention that concerts that go for less than the above mentioned price only cause losses to the events promoters as they inject a lot of money but only get small returns.

Fellow events promoter and organizer Balaam Barugahara has seconded the motion, noting that, he totally agrees with the opinion. According to the promoter, if plain chips at Café Javas costs more than shs10,000, there should be no reason to pay promoters who invest multitudes of cash in events, a meagre shs10,000.

The promoter suggested that fellow promoters pass a resolution, that none of them should ever host a show at shs10,000. He mentioned that they needed to come together to fight against such ridiculous payments as they just keep on losing money because of the low priced concerts.

According to Balaam, if this resolution is passed, even bar owners that organize shows of shs10,000 will see their show shunned by artistes, since it undermines their profession. Balaam further cautioned those that cannot afford concert fees to go and buy their children fish instead of wasting time with planning to go for concerts.

Those who cannot afford concert fees should go and buy their children fish,” he said

Nevertheless, despite promoters starting the year off on a tough note, fans have cautioned them to not be deceived by their own agendas because if they choose to over price their shows, they will surely flop and not be attended by revelers

Leticia Nambaziira

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