Local female rapper Recheal Mirembe a.k.a Recho Rey could be in a whole lot of trouble with authorities after photos of her face and booty on the Uganda currency notes were shared on her Facebook page. A photo that was later deleted from Recho Rey’s Facebook page shows her bending over in a twerking pose with her whole body bent on the Shs50,000 Uganda currency note.

Another photo with the face of the rapper printed on the front of the same banknote was also posted but they were both later deleted. The photos have since attracted divergent opinions from the public with several criticizing her for disrespecting the Ugandan currency.
Others want the rapper to be rightfully punished for altering the look of a national banknote, which they claim is illegal in accordance to the laws of the country

It should be recalled that the Bank of Uganda earlier on mentioned that acts of tampering with the Ugandan currency were punishable by law and that the BOU was the only authority that had the right to tamper with the banknotes.

Bank of Uganda (BoU) is by law the only authority that can issue currency in Uganda and that includes the power to determine the features that can appear on any currency note or coin,” a statement from B.O.U revealed.

The statement that was issued was also clearly stating that the public was greatly discouraged against using the currency notes for any other purpose other than as a medium of exchange.

The public is, therefore, strongly warned against the use of currency notes for any other purpose other than for making or receiving payment(s), and the public is also advised to accept only those notes that bear features as designed by Bank of Uganda.

Recho Rey has however come out to defend herself mentioning that all this was done by a hacker who got into her profile and posted the images yet she was unaware of this entire thing.

Leticia Nambaziira

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