Singer King Saha, has turned the tables against fellow musician and Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool who has been criticizing him for continued use of illegal drugs like weed. While appearing in an interview, Saha turned himself into a prophet as he took it upon himself and predicted Bebe Cool’s near death because of drug abuse.

This came after he was questioned about appearing on Bebe Cool’s famous Bebe Cool list.

In regards to the illness that has been bothering him to the point of being bed ridden, the singer said that he will hold a press conference to highlight what’s been going on with him. He however said that if Bebe Cool puts houses and cars as recognition of the best performers on his annual list, he will win all of them because he’s very good at singing. Saha went further and said that he will even win Bebe Cool’s home and force him out of it.

Saha mentioned that Bebe Cool needn’t come up with laws to govern his awarding ceremonies for the Bebe Cool list because he won’t live long enough to enforce them as he is to die early because of abusing drugs.

Let him put those rewards as he brags there and I show him what I will do with them. I will win each and every one of those houses and even his personal home. Those laws he talks about won’t work much because he won’t be around to enforce them because the drugs he uses are soon going to kill him,” said Saha.

However, everyone knows that it’s Saha who abuses drugs. He’s also at one time admitted to using them. And he was recently admitted to hospital in a critical condition and many Netizens’ believe it was also due to drug abuse. Bebe Cool has for long called upon him to quit drugs but in vain. And this has turned into a beef between the two singers.

Leticia Nambaziira

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