Three years ago, renowned singer Qute Kaye was triumphant as he walked out of rehabilitation to reestablish his life following recovery from drug addiction. The Ugandan faded artiste and former drug addict says that he lost a lot of friends including his long term lover when he became addicted to drugs before he even started fighting the addiction.

He has since embarked on a journey to use his life story to empower the youth with encouragement that they do not need to use drugs in their lives because drugs will destroy any chance they could ever have at a bright future The once secular singer has also Changed his music approach as he decided to use his talent to preach to the youth. He released a couple of gospel songs praising the Lord and urging his fans to also choose the path of faith in their creator.

During a recent interview with a local YouTuber, the singer revealed how his love life has also stabilized since leaving rehab. He noted that he lost his former lover when she discovered that he was addicted to drugs and he cannot blame her for her choices because several of his friends took the same path as well. Whereas many would expect their better halves to stand by their side during such a tough time, he mentioned that he was not shocked that she left him.

My old lover left me when I disappointed her. When I became addicted to drugs, she had to leave to move on with her life. You cannot blame her for that because so many other of my friends forsook me when I became addicted.” Qute Kaye said.

He mentioned that on top of leaving him, she turned him into a laughing stock as she posted his pictures in a bad shape online for the entire World to see. He said however that he is grateful that he met another lovely lady after reforming his life and he is living a happy life with her with a great future together in prospect.

“I now have another lover. I’ve been out of rehab for three years now and I met her a few years back,” he said

He is also working on new music intended to uplift those seeking hope and relationship advice, all based on his life story.

Leticia Nambaziira

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