City Socialite and slay queen Anita Fabiola is now a married woman ladies and gentleman. A proudly married woman if I may say. She has now lashed out at trolls that forced her off the social media site known as Twitter for a year, telling them she is back with bang, and will never be bullied again because she does not qualify to be bullied anymore.

She mentioned that she has since started a thriving business and managed to land herself a man hence she is a wife so there is no other topic that her past bullies are going to use to get to her nerves.

Fabiola went ahead to mention that every person that was previously asking her about how she is able to afford her lifestyle and also asking her questions like when she will ever settle down with one man instead of slaying around should hold their peace and let her be because she has many things to show off about

been off Twitter for over 12 months but I’m back. Here’s an update; I’ve since started a successful makeup business, got married and leveled up in every sense. There’s nothing Twitter bullies can get me with ,” she tweeted.

For the record, Fabiola’s lifestyle was always a topic of discussion for many people on social media with the biggest topic being how she put up a high maintenance Lifestyle but with no job to her name, and yet every relationship she ever started with any man only failed miserably. Many mentioned that Fabiola was using her body to get money to support her expensive lifestyle, something she never came out to deny.

Well, God never forgets his people and he surely remembered Anitah Fabiola who managed to land herself a very handsome and loaded bae. Despite all the harsh comments hurled her way, Mark never once cared about any of the words said about his love. They have surely stood the test of time.

Their engagement happened in November 2022 and Kuhingira was on Thursday, January 5, 2023. Well, Social media will always be social media and trolls will always be trolls. They are always ready to attack even the slightest of mistakes so many of Anitah’s followers believe she should not think they will get off her case just because she is now a married woman.

Leticia Nambaziira

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