Singer Geosteady real name Hassan George Kigozi , despite his Muslim religion has sworn to love only one woman and that woman is Hindu Kay. Having been all over the news with his baby mama Prima Kardash, Hindu was pushed to the side as the pair was seen in each other’s company. They even went to an extent of shooting a music video with Prima as the video vixen.

Geosteady has been in the music industry for quite a long time. He was married to Prima Kardashi who is also the mother of his two children but as they were nearing getting married officially, Geosteady sired another child with a video vixen.

Prima couldn’t take it in as she chose to quit the relationship. Geosteady also decided not to move on with his second baby mama but rather dating another woman, a Muslim known as Hindu Kay.

Despite being close to Prima Kardashi, it is reported that Geosteady has no plans of dating her again. He is focusing on dating Hindu alone. When Prima came out and mentioned that she was not back together with Geosteady, she confused Netizens. She went ahead to mention that she was not attached to him and he was free to date else where.

Hajji for One.” Geosteady posted.

The singer also share photos of him having a good time with Hindu. This probably closed the discussion of who is who in Geosteady’s life.

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