The assailant
The assault

Netizens have been going wild after a video made rounds on social media where a group of friends ruthlessly attacked one of their own accusing her of seducing her best friend’s man and allegedly bad mouthing her so as to replace her in the relationship. The attacker was identified as Kaftah Queen while the victim was identified as Pretty Nicole.

Netizens everywhere have been opening and re opening page after page on social media searching for news on the case because it already reached the police station. Now the shocker is that there has been a sex tape released and apparently it belongs to Pretty Nicole, the victim.

This has thrown social media in a frenzy as gentlemen are rushing to land their hands on the purported leaked tape. After the video of Nicole being beaten surfaced and took the internet by storm, there are several videos that leaked and went viral showing the teenager enjoying her good time with her once best friend(the assailant) and since then, netizens have been praising what her mama gave her( Nyash)
This prompted some to claim that the sex tape is the next to leak online.

Well, in accordance to the happenings, as Pretty Nicole was being beaten up, in the background, voices were heard threatening her to release her dirty tapes to the World.

Well, Netizens never disappoint because Since Monday when the internet was ambushed with a video of Kaftah Queen bitterly beating up her friend Pretty Nicole for allegedly snatching her man, many have been waiting in anticipation for her nude tape.
Unfortunately however, the wait is still on as nothing of the sort has been released yet. Netizen’s however keep hope that it is soon to come as the internet surely never disappoints.

Leticia Nambaziira

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