Political analyst Frank Gashumba is currently trending in the news after an audio of his ranting about the disrespect that his daughter, Sheilah Carol Gashumba, has for him leaked on social media. Audios leaked and they have since had Netizen’s in awe after hearing what Frank Gashumba had to say about his media perfect daughter.

The outspoken public figure poured out his heart and frustrations that he is facing with his daughter through an audio clip that has since gone viral. Unlike the Frank Gashumba the whole world knows to be proud of his daughter, this was a uniquely different case as he had nothing good to say about his daughter Sheila Gashumba.

In the audio clip, Frank Gashumba is heard ranting to a lady identified as Diana about how he is disappointed with Sheilah’s acts of splashing money on broke men who have no future.

Frank Gashumba has never been proud of any man that Sheila has been romantically involved with. He has never disapproved of them openly but it was quite surprising to see him come out and address the issue in a rant to this woman known as Diana.

“I don’t see any reason why she keeps splashing money on men who can’t even buy themselves a car. “ he said

This complaint comes after Rickman was seen driving a new car which was allegedly given to him by his lover Sheila Gashumba. This must have rubbed Frank in the wrong way as he feels it is the gentleman that is supposed to cater for his woman!

He narrates that one day, as he was having lunch at a top restaurant in Nsambya when Sheilah walked in with her current boyfriend Rickman Manrick, who he said came in staggering with the weight of his dreadlocks. He went ahead and likened the dreadlocks to those of Famous revel Joseph Kony and he mentioned that according to his memory, the mere sight of him nearly got him vomiting.

One day she walked into a restaurant I was having lunch in, in Nsambya and besides her there was this guy who had his hair plaited like Joseph Kony. You can’t be bringing such men as your potential husband to me. Never,” Frank Gashumba raged.

Netizens are still in shock because the perfect family they saw right In front of their eyes was a lie all along!

Leticia Nambaziira

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